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Updated: Jan 9

London to Paris 2019
The Dream Team.

I was trying to think of a pun involving the phrase 'vicious cycle', but I've got nothing. The title was good enough. Let's just move on.

2019 has been an eventful year - scientists took the first ever photo of a black hole; over a million people joined the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong; and England just about won the Cricket World Cup.

This year was also the first time I had cycled any substantial distance outside of England. Back in July, dozens of plucky students (including myself) took on the arduous challenge of cycling from London to Paris in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

For one reason or another, I've decided that doing L2P once isn't enough. This summer, I'll be undertaking the 230-mile challenge once again - new targets, new jerseys, and new teammates.

Sign-ups at Birmingham will be opening soon, and if you're interested then consider coming along to UoB's Info Evening. Or, if you're feeling charitable, then perhaps you might want to donate? It's never too early to start fundraising...

I'm very much looking forward to completing this epic ride for the second time - allez!