Whilst his academic background is in engineering, Elliot also has a strong interest in music and radio. Whilst at university, Elliot spent large amounts of time producing media and other content for Burn FM (a sample of which can be found below). Some of his other content can be found here.

During his time at Burn FM, Elliot worked with various Digital Audio Workstations - such as Reaper, Audacity and Logic Pro - and 'play-out' software including Myriad Playout and Mairlist. Whilst in the role of Director of Technology, Elliot oversaw a £15,000 upgrade of the station's key broadcasting infrastructure. This included replacing the broadcasting equipment and server, as well as introducing new play-out software in the main studio. Elliot served as Deputy Station Manager of Burn FM from March 2019 to March 2020. During this time, Elliot helped to purchase and set up the station's Outside Broadcast (OB) equipment for use at Open Days and other external events. The station won an 'I Love Student Radio' Award from the Student Radio Association for its Open Day broadcasts.

In April 2019, Elliot was fortunate enough to attend SRACon 2019, where a number of speakers from various teams and outlets across the country spoke about their experiences in the radio and media industries. In December 2019, Elliot completed a week of work experience within the BBC's Design & Engineering department in London, where he learned about industry approaches to broadcasting and audio playout, design workflows, and content archiving.